To assume the role of a professional mortgage advisor in the UK, would-be brokers must first obtain specific qualifications. The Certificate of Mortgage and Practice (CeMAP) was devised for just this purpose. Accepted by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), this certification enables advisors to operate legally as respected professionals and experts in their field. It is also widely recognised by both companies who hire brokers and home buyers in the market for a mortgage deal.

Previously, there were two ways to study CeMAP – either in a traditional classroom, or virtually, with a pre-recorded course. Now, an option that offers the best of both worlds has become available, with CeMAP taught through live online courses. Read on as we reveal the many benefits of learning with a live CeMAP webinar course.

Ideal for individual circumstances

Not everyone who wants to become a broker lives near a training centre. Like convenient online courses, live webinars allow students to learn from home, making obstacles such as travel and personal commitments easier to manage.

Studying from home can be a more comfortable environment to learn in for many, and an online webinar can provide a classroom atmosphere and energy that enhances training alongside the comfort of home study.

Interactive experiences

Unlike conventional courses conducted online, webinars offer more than just pre-recorded tutorials, email and telephone support. While candidates will also have such resources at hand, live webinars allow them to interact with their instructor. If a topic or concept isn’t clear, they can ask questions on the spot.

Joining a community

On a webinar course, you can also be added to chat messaging groups on platforms like WhatsApp so you can communicate quickly and conveniently with both your instructor and peers.

Next generation CeMAP training courses at your fingertips

An innovator in our field, at Beacon Financial Training, we are committed to offering the most up-to-date options for mortgage advisor courses in the UK. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, and it is our aim to ensure that every broker-to-be can obtain the same exceptional level of education, regardless of their location or the way they learn best.

Our new CeMAP webinar courses bring the classroom to your home, allowing you to ask your instructor questions as if you were at one of our dedicated training centres. For more information on available courses, get in touch with our team today.

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