Taking your CeMAP exam can be very stressful, as all that you’ve been working towards on your CeMAP training course comes down to one moment, and how you perform on that exam will decide your success.

Feeling stressed and under pressure when the exam comes around is only natural, but there are a few things you can do to relieve that pressure somewhat.

Self Confidence:
Firstly you should have the self-confidence to believe in yourself. You’ve taken the course, you know the subject matter, and therefore you have all you need to successfully pass the exam. You just need to believe in yourself and don’t let self doubt creep into your mind.

Ask if you’re stuck
Everyone needs help sometimes, and if you’re revising for your exam and you don’t understand something you should ask for advice. There’s no use putting it to the back of your mind and hoping that it doesn’t come up in the exam.

Friends are there to help
Preparing for your CeMAP exam can be stressful, as can any exam, but you shouldn’t keep the stress bottled up inside. You should use your support group, whether that is your friends, your family or your partner and let them know you’re feeling the pressure of the exam. Their support will be invaluable to you during the exam.

Don’t pressure yourself
Exams are important, of course they are, but ensure that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself to succeed. Some people work well under pressure, but most of us don’t, so go easy on yourself and don’t build the exam experience up too much in your own mind. If you’re more relaxed going into the CeMAP exam the chances are you’ll perform better.

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