In tough times like these, some mortgage advisors are still thriving, so how are they doing it?

In an ideal world, all your clients would get to know you, refer you to their friends and family, who would refer you again and you could just sit back and have all your clients come to you, but in the real world, this doesn’t happen.  You need to work your contacts, keep notes of when your existing clients mortgage deals will be coming to an end so you can get back in touch and particularly when you are just starting out, such as when you’ve completed your CeMAP training and are only just getting into your new career, lead generation is key.

On your CeMAP course, lead generation is something that is often discussed but with many course providers, this topic is not even touched.  There are specialist lead generators out there where you can purchase targeted leads to suit your geographical area or your ideal lead and some are better than others.

It is important to ensure these leads are fresh and preferably sent in real time via email or text straight to you so you can get straight onto them.  Do not be tempted to leave them for even a short while as the faster the response, the better the chance you have of converting them.  Avoid any lead generators that are not clear on their refund policy and do not refund invalid leads.

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