When viewing a property it is important to spend a fair amount of time looking at all aspects of it, and not just how it’s decorated, or other cosmetic features. A house is possibly the largest expenditure you will ever have, so spend time making sure it is the best decision for you.

Before viewing a house, make sure that you can afford it. By consulting with a CeMAP qualified mortgage adviser, you will know how much you can reasonably afford so you don’t run into financial difficulty.

The structure of the property is crucial and you should have a professional survey carried out which looks at the building in great detail. Although some hairline cracks are to be expected, be wary of larger cracks in a building as this may indicate structural problems.

Consider the size of each room carefully and whether they are all big enough for your requirements. If you have small children, remember that they will become teenagers and will probably require much more space. You may also want to check the storage space, so that you have somewhere to store the vacuum cleaner and other bits and pieces.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the roof and how old it is, as a new roof is expensive. Check the age of the boiler too, as this is another huge expense. The windows and doors could be another area which may require work. Check for signs of condensation in double glazed panes as this will indicate that they are faulty.

Take your time and if you are interested in the property, request a second and maybe even a third viewing.

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