If being a mortgage advisor is a future-proof career then a career as a financial advisor is twice as future-proof.

People will always want to own their own homes in Britain as it’s part of our culture so there will always be demand for mortgage advisors – there are just too many mortgage lenders and mortgage products to choose from and even at times like these with criteria much tighter, the mortgage market is still a minefield.

However, the range of products that a financial advisor can give advice on includes pensions, insurance, investments and much, much more.  To become a financial advisor, the first step is CeFA training.

So why take up CeFA training during the recession?

If you want to get into the financial industry then CeFA training is ideal.  It requires no prior knowledge and will show potential employers that you are keen and willing to learn.  With the right teaching and material, you could have your CeFA qualification in just a few short weeks.

If you are already a mortgage advisor and have your CeMAP qualification then you’re a quarter of the way there already because when you did CeMAP 1 you also did CeFA 1 because they are the same syllabus and exam.  You can simple expand your knowledge and your offering to your customers and open up new doors for yourself.

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