For those who are new to the financial industry but want to get into this area, and particularly into mortgages, the CeMAP qualification is ideal.

CeMAP training courses can be taken without any prior knowledge of mortgages at all and without any experience from the financial industry.  In fact, in some cases, it can be easier to study and take the exam if you have no prior knowledge or having worked in the industry because sometimes the questions and answers do not appear to mirror real life.

This is where studying for the CeMAP with a specialist training company that is used to taking delegates with no knowledge straight through their exams can really help.

So why should you undergo CeMAP training during the recession?

People have many reasons for doing CeMAP training as we have covered in previous articles.  Some do it to help them in property development, some want to be a mortgage advisor and others want to show potential employers how keen they are and that they have the initiative and willingness to go out there and learn a new skill.

CeMAP courses are ideal because with the right materials and teaching, you can start from scratch and learn a new trade very quickly.  Mortgage advisors will always be in need in times of recession or growth because people always need a roof over their head and the British culture is that we want to own that roof.

There are already plenty of signs that the housing market is beginning to recover and people need mortgage advisors to make sure they get the right mortgage for their circumstances.

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