What type of person benefits from a CeMap mortgage advisor course?

To become a mortgage advisor, you need to take a CeMap mortgage advisor course. While anyone, in theory, can take the course, the job of mortgage advisor suites particular personality types, so are you are one of those types then you could benefit greatly from looking into this exciting and flexible course?

Introvert or extrovert?

As the job of mortgage advisor involves talking to people, some believe that it is better for extrovert personalities, but this is not necessarily true. Introverts can have meaningful relationships with their clients just as well as extroverts.

Research has shown that extroverts tend to have a wide range of relationships, while introverts have fewer but more meaningful relationships.

An extreme extrovert may pressure clients into a mortgage decision and this can put people off. On the other hand, an extreme introvert may be too shy or frightened to be able to clearly explain mortgage issues. If you are an extreme extrovert or introvert, then CeMap mortgage training may not be for you.

Dealing with rejection and developing resilience

Whether you are introvert or extrovert, one of the most important qualities for the post of mortgage advisor is to be able to deal with rejection. Even the best mortgage advisors have clients who reject them by not arranging a mortgage through them.

Though the pass rate for Beacon CeMap training averages 90%, if you become one of the 10% who fails the course, you need to shake this off and try again until you pass.

The job of a mortgage advisor is one of ups and down, and resilience is required to deal with the down periods.

There can also be financial pressure. The starting salary of a mortgage advisor is not particular high at between £22,000 to £25,000, meaning people who have a mortgage and family could struggle at first, but an experienced mortgage advisor can earn £45,000 to £60,000, with top advisors earning more. Advisors need resilience and motivation to advance their careers to the stage where they earn a good income.

Patience and attention to detail

To pass the CeMap mortgage advisor course requires persistence and concentration – qualities that will go on to serve you well in the job of mortgage advisor. There is a lot of paperwork to complete and, since mortgages are complex financial products, advisors need detailed knowledge of all the options available for their clients

To pass the CeMap training, students will need basic IT skills, especially if doing the training online.

The ability to absorb and process new information

To successfully benefit from the CeMap training course, students must be able to learn, absorb and process new information. This ability is also required when working as a mortgage advisor. New mortgage products are regularly launched, and government regulations change, so mortgage advisor needs to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Start training

Despite these challenges, those with the right personal qualities to pass the CeMap mortgage advisor course can become a successful mortgage advisor, enjoying a secure and rewarding career. Contact Beacon Financial Training to discuss your training needs.

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