Most people have a favourite learning method, with some people preferring a classroom environment and others opting for self study. Selecting the most suitable learning method can improve your chances of success in a vocational qualification such as a CeMAP certificate. There are three types of learning: auditory, visual and kinesthetic.


This style of learning is for those who prefer to listen to someone speaking and providing facts. People who prefer this style may also enjoy working with music playing in the background, to help with relaxation. If this is your chosen learning method, try recording your lectures and then playing them back when you are at home. You could also record yourself reading material out loud, so that you can listen to it being played back. Discussion with others can also enhance your learning.


This type of learning is for someone who enjoys reading facts and finds it easy to remember them. Seeing the information in the form of charts, pictures and other visual aids will help you to learn. As you prefer visual methods, don’t let yourself be distracted by sitting close to a window. Using flash cards may be a suitable learning method for you.


People who prefer this learning style would usually rather work in groups than by themselves. Discussion groups, or hands-on experience is preferred to lots of reading in isolation. Rather than listen to something being explained, you would rather it was demonstrated. If this sounds like your preferred style of learning, take frequent study breaks so you don’t become bored. Try working while standing up or doing something else, like being on a treadmill or exercise bike.

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