The sale and marketing of Equity Release products was separated officially from other mortgage advice from the 6th April 2007, by the industry regulator the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

From that point, if you wanted to sell or market equity release products, and that includes Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion Plans, you needed and still need to get your CeRER qualification.

CeRER stands for Certificate in Regulated Equity Release and there are still few financial training companies to fully embrace this qualification and offer a proper stand alone CeRER training course.  Some offer a revision course, but like all financial training courses, you should be careful to ensure that you are getting the course you need.  The ifs training manuals are not user-friendly, or training courses would not be needed.  In addition, make sure the training course doesn’t go on for weeks; two or three days is sufficient for CeRER training.

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