CeMAP training isn’t just relevant for people aiming to become mortgage advisors, although that is of course what it’s best known for, being the certificate in mortgage advice and practice. You may have no interest at all in becoming a mortgage advisor, yet still find CeMAP training very relevant to you and your goals.

A growing profession in the UK in the current climate is that of the landlord. Many homeowners are finding that they can’t afford to sell their homes when they move, so are opting to rent them out instead. As property prices are very low and there is a surplus of people looking for rental accommodation, people are finding that owning and renting property is a great way to earn a living. For this reason, knowing how mortgage deals work and having an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the mortgage industry would be hugely beneficial to landlords.

A prior knowledge of the mortgage industry, or even any knowledge of the financial sector aren’t required before you undergo CeMAP training either. You can make the career switch from any profession, as the this video illustrates, to become CeMAP qualified in a very short space of time.


What experience is needed for CeMAP training?

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