As the Head of Financial Regulation at the ifs School of Finance himself said, the CeRER qualification is becoming increasingly popular.

In July this year, the Head of financial regulation at the ifs School of Finance, Roberts, said:

“We have received almost 400 registrations for our Certificate in Regulated Equity Release (CeRER) or the CeRER “top up” during the last three months alone.  Increasing demand for this qualification bodes well not only for the adviser community but for the increasing number of consumers seeking advice in this area. Holding an appropriate qualification not only meets regulatory requirements, it reassures consumers that they are getting good advice from a knowledgeable and competent adviser.”

Since then, popularity and demand for CeRER training and the exam has only increased, so why is this?  It is partly because the current economic climate requires mortgage advisors to be as competent as they can be in as many areas as possible but also because we have an ageing population that have a lot of equity tied up in their homes and want to release it in order to enjoy their retirement.

Since 6th April 2007, it is required that anyone wanting to advise in this area should hold their CeRER qualification.

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