How many decisions do you make without taking any kind of advice first? Most of the larger decisions will be made once you have sought out some professional help or

done some research, like when you buy a new car or book an expensive holiday. So why would people buy a home and sign up to a mortgage without any kind of guidance?

Before looking at prospective new homes, seek advice so that you know how much you can comfortably afford to borrow. You can then look at homes that are within your reach. You will also need to know about the costs that are associated with buying a property so you know you can afford them.

A mortgage adviser has had CeMAP training, which will equip them with the necessary skills to help buyers take on a mortgage, which is suitable to their circumstances and is also affordable. You should make sure that your adviser has this qualification so that they can give you appropriate advice. In addition to considering your income, an adviser will ask you about monthly expenditure and any debts you may have. As lenders carry out affordability checks, it is wise to be upfront with the adviser and take action to sort out your finances if necessary.

Prior to consulting with a mortgage adviser, check whether they charge a fee, as most will provide the advice free of charge. Advisers receive a fee from the providers they are dealing with.

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