Is CeMAP qualification an alternative to student debt in London?

When you take the time to focus on your career and what you would like to do, you may naturally focus on attending university to gain a degree. After all, that is probably what your parents, teachers and friends have been talking about, to give yourself a solid foundation for your future. While it is true that university does provide you with a great foothold on your career path, it is also possible to gain a fulfilling career without the stress becoming a student – not to mention the expense of studying in the capital city.

Although you may have planned to attend university in London or other city, you may not have secured the grades you require to gain a place at your chosen establishment. Rather than be disheartened, you could consider an alternative route to your chosen career, which is far less expensive than a degree.

If you would like to become a mortgage adviser, you may have initially considered gaining a degree as this would definitely help gain the attention of employers. However, you also need some experience in the field, like a bank or estate agents. Eventually, you will be required to study for a CeMAP qualification, which is mandatory for anyone working in finance.

If you want to become a mortgage adviser, consider gaining a position with a bank, building society or estate agent and gaining as much knowledge and experience as possible before studying for your CeMAP qualification in London. A combination of good grades at school, practical experience and a professional qualification will help you find satisfying employment without the large debt that usually accompanies university.



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