Equity release workshops announced by Just Mortgages

Just Mortgages has announced that it will be running a number of workshops that are designed to help self-employed mortgage advisors get licenced to offer advice on equity release.

The brokerage joined the Equity Release Council early in 2023, and is now keen to assist advisors who want to add equity release advice to their business offers. During the upcoming three-month period, the company will provide three workshops that are set to be run by its development and learning team. They will include all of the information these advisors will require before pursuing the CeRER qualification needed to legally offer guidance on equity release.

Just Mortgages already has close to 30 mortgage advisors who have attained the qualification, and clearly it is eager to add to that number. As part of the process, the advisors who decide to take the workshops and the exams will gain Equity Release Council membership too. That means being able to access fact finding resources created by area directors with the necessary qualifications.

Speaking to Financial Reporter, Ashley Edwards from Just Mortgages stated that:

“This year has been the busiest year yet for equity release at Just Mortgages, as more homeowners look to unlock capital within their homes to support themselves and their families.”

He added that having advisors trained to provide such guidance was vital in determining whether it was what a client needed.

This opportunity to follow up the CeMAP mortgage advisor qualification by taking the CeRER one too could provide advisors with more sources of revenue.


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