Leaving your current role to become a broker

While some people know the right career for them straight out of university, others may take on other work before they find the role best suited to their strengths. If you find that your current job is no longer satisfying and you’re looking for a new challenge, you may have considered making the move to becoming a mortgage broker.

For goal-oriented individuals who enjoy networking, excellent commissions and the satisfaction of helping people taking steps up the property ladder, a mortgage advisor career can be perfect. However, the question on many people’s minds who are considering taking the step concerns how easy it is to switch and start practicing mortgage advice. In the following sections, we’ll look at some simple ways to make this dream a reality and ensure you get your shot at a rewarding career.

How to complete mortgage broker studies while you’re working

If you have a full-time job already, making room for acquiring a new qualification isn’t always easy. Having to book time off to attend courses and arranging these holidays around your work commitments can be challenging. The trickier a task, the more likely many people are to simply give up and stay put in their present position, but there are alternatives options designed for just such circumstances.

The Certificate of Mortgage and Practice, or CeMAP for short, is a qualification recognised by regulators like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) that enables individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to practice as a mortgage broker. With the same resources and support as their classroom counterparts, CeMAP training courses are also available as home study courses that can be completed online.

This can be ideal when you need flexible study time on account of your current position. With an online training course, you can pick up and put down your studies whenever required, fitting it around the work you are already contracted to complete. When you wish to become a qualified CeMAP mortgage advisor, these online courses have multiple advantages, such as being able to pause lessons and to rewind and repeat points that you need more time to understand.

CeMAP mortgage advisor skills you can work on using your current role

No doubt, after you start your studies and focus on becoming a broker, your existing job may seem tiresome at times, but it can still benefit your future role. While you’re undertaking your studies, you can use your present position to practise crucial interpersonal abilities that you’ll need to excel in as an advisor.

Whether it’s over email, phone, or Teams, make a concentrated effort to effectively interact with your colleagues. Work on your assertiveness, as work environments can be ideal arenas to test and try out techniques of persuasion, a skill you will need to reassure your clients seeking a mortgage that they are choosing the correct product.

Attention to detail is paramount in delivering expert advice, so whenever you get the opportunity, fact check and proofread any documents, presentations and reports available and develop a meticulous nature.

By developing these skills in your current role, your transition into becoming a mortgage broker will flow much more smoothly, setting you up for a great new career.



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