Mortgage Brain and Hometrack integration announced

Hometrack has announced that the new automated valuation model (AVM) that it has created will be integrated with the Sourcing Brain search platform set up by Mortgage Brain.

The latest valuation model enhancement from Hometrack provides mortgage advisors with a filter showing the market value of a property to enable them to find a suitable loan and lender prior to offering customers their recommendations and starting an application. It also deploys the property information database run by Hometrack to cut down on the time consuming advisor-customer red tape that is typically part of the process.

Mortgage Brain marketing and sales director Neil Wyatt told Mortgage Solutions that the company was thrilled to announce this integration that would give advisors who use Sourcing Brain access to the AVM.

He then went on to say that:

“The speed and simplicity of Sourcing Brain coupled with the accuracy of valuations through Hometrack’s Broker AVM gives advisors a better chance of finding the perfect product first time around.”

Hometrack VP commercial George Robbins added that the integration of its AVM with Sourcing Brain would provide advisors with the benefit of its services. He then pointed out that this would help towards the company’s long-term goal of making the whole application process digital and ensuring that the entire thing can be carried out in a matter of minutes.

Advisors now have to employ CeMAP course skills to find suitable products in a market where they are only available for short periods, so speeding up the search process is very necessary.


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