National home-building project to go ahead

A massive project of investment in infrastructure and home-building across the UK is set to go ahead, following the news that the Housing Secretary has given it the nod.

Robert Jenrick has approved plans that will see close to £1.3 billion spent on building thousands of homes throughout the country, as well as on bringing its infrastructure up to date. The Getting Building Fund was first announced by Boris Johnson earlier in the summer and it will be divided up between over 300 different proposals in different regions of England.

Around 45,000 new houses are expected to be built as part of this project, with these being spread out across the whole of the country, leading to the creation of jobs for 85,000 people in the building and property sectors.

Nor is this the only commitment towards funding new housing that the government has announced, as it will also be ploughing £360 million into house building via its Brownfield Fund. The aim of this is to increase the available housing in the UK by 26,000 without having to build on any of the Mayoral Combined Authority greenfield sites in England.

Both of these projects are part of wider government plans that are intended to level up the various regions in the UK and address the chronic shortfall in the available housing supply.

More houses being built will also mean more opportunities for those working in related industries, such as those who have completed CeMAP training courses to become qualified mortgage advisors.


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