Net zero hub introduced by L&G Mortgage Club

L&G Mortgage Club has announced that it is setting up a new environmental-awareness hub that will provide information and support regarding net zero to those working within the sector.

Those mortgage professionals who make use of the hub will find a calendar that records important steps along the road to the net zero target that has been set by the Government. This will cover the period up until 2035 and feature relevant topics such as new build houses, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rankings for UK properties and energy efficiency tools like heat pumps.

Other features of the hub will include regular webinars that are set to cover a range of environmental subjects like what effects net zero and other climate strategies will have on the costs of mortgages and green mortgage loans.

The hub will detail how professionals like mortgage advisors can discover how a property ranks on the EPC scale and how much it will cost their clients to make their homes greener.

Danny Belton from L&G Mortgage Club told Mortgage Strategy that the company wanted to keep both lenders and advisors in the loop about a subject that is highly changeable and often complicated.

He then went on to add that:

“This is a passionate project for us and we look forward to developing it in the coming years as we quickly approach the 2050 net zero deadline.”

Learning more about environmental issues is now a major part of the post-CeMAP training that advisors have to focus their energies on.


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