New business development quality manager hired by SimplyBiz

SimplyBiz Mortgages has announced the recruitment of a new business development quality manager, with Kelly Phillips set to step into what is a new role within the company.

Once she takes up this post, she will be collaborating with member companies affiliated to the lender in helping mortgage advisors best meet the needs of their clients. Together they will also be looking to develop new business opportunities within the protection area of the market. SimplyBiz has created this brand-new position with the aim of producing better results for borrowers.

Before accepting this job, Phillips was employed by AIG Life as the sales quality account manager. That was a position that she held for more than four years. Speaking to Mortgage Solutions in the wake of the announcement, she stated that this was a really important time to have joined the company.

She then went on to add that:

“I am extremely passionate about business quality, so working to further develop this proposition at SimplyBiz is something to which I’m really looking forward.”

Emma Vaughan from SimplyBiz Mortgages pointed out that this was a key period for the protection sector, because of new compliance requirements for advisors, and this meant that the standard of business being offered was now in the spotlight. She concluded by saying that this was a major reason why the lender had sought to bring in Phillips.

Mortgage advisors need healthy support networks within lenders as well as their CeMAP training to be able to deliver results for their clients.


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