New originational system introduced by Target Group

Target Group has announced that it is introducing a brand-new system for originating mortgage loans, which has been given the name Mortgage Hub.

This is set to help both advisors and lenders. The company has been working on the creation of the system since 2021, and advisors and lenders will both be able to make use of it for the mortgage application process. It will enable them to keep up to date on every aspect of ongoing applications from one place, eliminating the need for time consuming notifications, emails or telephone calls.

Furthermore, using the system will mean that neither lenders nor advisors will be forced to re-enter information on the keyboard constantly at different stages of the process. It will be connected to other relevant systems, including ones for sourcing product criteria, mortgage products themselves and customer relationship management.

The managing director of Target Group, Katie Pender, told Financial Reporter that a lot of consideration had been put into designing it to ensure that it prioritised user-friendliness.

She then went on to add that:

“It has been a long time in development and pilot in order to ensure that it is as close as possible to what people throughout the mortgage industry say they need to make their lives easier.”

Pender concluded by pointing out that rapid updating had been built into the system to make it adaptable to the changing needs of lenders and advisors.

Advisors with the CeMAP qualification can benefit from time saving technology like this when they are dealing with heavy workloads.


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