Poll shows importance of housing in upcoming election

A new survey of voters in the UK ahead of the upcoming general election has found that housing is considered to be a major priority by over one out of every four people.

Leeds Building Society carried out this survey, and it spoke to people from across the country for it. The results show that the housing crisis is considered to be the fourth biggest priority for voters going into this election. The NHS, the wider economic situation and immigration were the only issues to be ranked higher. 27% of those that Leeds BS spoke to rated housing one of their three biggest concerns.

The survey does show a noticeable divide between Labour and Conservative voters in terms of how high a priority housing is though. 33% of people who told the survey that they will vote Labour said that they considered it a pressing issue, whereas only 17% of Conservative voters said the same.

A total of 62% of the people surveyed – amounting to six from 10 – indicated that housing costs were a big concern for them. 26% stated that they thought it would help to determine their choice in the election.

Richard Fearon from Leeds BS said to Mortgage Strategy:

“We’re dealing with a homeownership crisis which has been decades in the making and our research shows voters want it addressed by the next government.”

Everyone who has been through CeMAP mortgage advisor training knows that housing supply and costs are factors affecting prospective buyers, so this will be no surprise.


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