Should mortgage advisors return to office life?

There are clear indications that the worst of the pandemic is passing and mortgage advisors will be feeling a desire – and in some cases, facing pressure – to return to office life and face-to-face meetings with clients. However, should they embrace or resist this?

Of course, these two steps are not exactly the same, and many advisors may feel that it is possible to return to meeting clients in person without also needing to go back to full-time office working. Many mortgage advisors and their clients value the way that talking in person can help build a relationship and feel that remote meetings cannot replace that.

It could be the way forward to use office spaces for these all-important meet-ups with clients, while completing other tasks from home. The pandemic has taught us that much work can be done every bit as efficiently away from the office, and even the CeMAP mortgage advisor course that has to be passed to become an advisor can be studied just as well from home.

Working from home at least part of the time also allows advisors more opportunities to be with their families, and many will be reluctant to abandon that entirely after having experienced it during the past year.

Add in the fact that Covid-19 continues to present health risks, despite the vaccine, and a mix of face-to-face meetings with clients and remote working at times when being in the office isn’t essential could be the future.


Studying at Home

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