Survey shows homeowners want to move

A survey has revealed that more than one quarter of UK homeowners are thinking about selling up and moving within the next year.

Glazing company IDSystems surveyed 1,000 people, with the results showing that 26% of them have been thinking of moving during the upcoming year. Of the percentage who indicated a desire to sell up and buy something new, 55% stated that this was a decision that they had reached due to the effects of the pandemic, as well as the two national lockdowns.

Half of the homeowners surveyed that were aged between 18 and 24 years old told IDSystems that they aim to move inside the next year, having been motivated to do so by the pandemic, while a third of property owners in the 25-34 age bracket said the same.

More than a quarter of people surveyed within London said that they want to move within a year because of the effects of the pandemic, with one third of those aged below 45 saying that one of the features they most want in their new homes is a larger garden. Proper office space was the largest priority for 13%, with 15.8% citing better natural light.

Speaking to Mortgage Introducer, Frank Buckley from IDSystems said:

“This year has been one of frustration and uncertainty for homeowners, with many now feeling the need to make big changes, either by moving out of the city or maximising their existing spaces.”

This will be music to the ears of those currently completing CeMAP mortgage advisor training.


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