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Where will you find Britain’s nosiest neighbours?

According to the latest research by Zoopla, the most ‘hawk-eyed’ homeowners in the UK live in Bedford, while the nosiest homeowners live in Reading.

The people who are the most likely to keep an eye on the value of their own property live in Bedford, and are 67% more likely to check the value of their home than the average person in the UK. Meanwhile, homeowners in Reading, Berkshire check the value of neighbouring homes 61% more often than the average UK homeowner.

According to a spokesperson for Zoopla, Lawrence Hall, checking the value of your own and others’ property is beneficial, especially if you are considering moving home, as you will have valuable knowledge of the local property market. He also advised that speaking to local estate agents was a good idea, in addition to this research.

Zoopla discovered that levels of interest grew in areas where properties were valued higher than average. Homeowners living in Middlesbrough are at the other end of the scale, as they are least likely to care about the value of their own or neighbouring homes. Zoopla used the number and frequency of free instant valuations made by homeowners online to come to its conclusions. The least likely residents to check the value of their home live in Scotland, where the figure is 32% below the average.

Although this provides a good starting point for looking for a new home, speaking to a CeMAP qualified advisor is also advisable, so you find the best mortgage for your requirements.



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