CeFA Training Courses

CeFA training: There is an intensive five day training course for CeFA 1, a further intensive five day course for CeFA 2, and a final five day intensive course for CeFA 3 & 4.

Some delegates sit the CeFA training courses together over a total period of three weeks, however, for many delegates this is a huge challenge as the training courses are intensive.  Therefore, we do recommend that you allow a gap of a couple of weeks between each course to give you time to sit and pass the exam for that particular CeFA course before you move to the next CeFA training course rather than trying to ‘juggle’ all the exams at once.  All delegates are different and it is perfectly acceptable for you to spread them out however you wish.  It’s up to you.

Important note: As with all the financial courses, these CeFA training course fees do not include the CeFA exam registration fees.  These are payable to the Institute of Financial Studies (IFS) which you will need to pay in order to sit the exams. These are £135 per exam. Their telephone number is 01227 818609 or you can contact them at IFS Learning.com

Full Time CeFA Training Course Pass Promise: We are so confident in our CeFA training courses that should you fail to pass your CeFA exam first time, you are welcome to attend the course again for free!

The IFS Manual for CeFA
You do not have to read the IFS manual before you attend the course, although you are welcome to if you wish!  Some training companies insist on a minimum of 40 study hours before the CeFA training course.  We don’t.  We know the reason many people take CeFA training courses is because they don’t want to read hours and hours of unexplained jargon.  You need a CeFA training expert to explain everything properly.  This is what we do.

Each CeFA training course is held at a specialist training centre and there will usually be no more than ten delegates on each course.  From experience, we know this is an ideal number for learning.

Small study groups help students immensely as they feel more comfortable and able to ask questions.  It also has the added advantage that not only do students learn from the experience, knowledge and expertise of the CeFA training expert but also from other students in the group. All course materials will be provided. Lunch will also be provided.

There are many CeFA training companies in the UK and demand for CeFA training continues to be high despite the credit crunch as mortgage advisors diversify and others seek CeFA training to get into one of the more secure careers in the financial industry.  Good CeFA training courses should last at least five working days and potential delegates should check the teacher to student ratio before enrolling on any CeFA training course.  There should be no need to have prior knowledge or studied the CeFA training syllabus before taking CeFA training.