CeMAP courses in Leeds

Searching for CeMAP courses in Leeds

If you have decided to undergo CeMAP training locally and you live in the Leeds area then you will be searching for CeMAP courses in Leeds. Once you have undertaken your qualification in Leeds, you are then able to find a position as mortgage advisor in the Leeds area or venture further afield.

When considering CeMAP courses in Leeds, or anywhere else, there are two parts of the training course. These are CeMAP 1 and CeMAP 2 & 3. While to earn your qualification you do have to undertake and pass both parts of the training, there is nothing to say you have to take the parts in order. You could take parts 2&3 first and then go on to take part 1. The courses are typically very intensive and it may be wise to spread them out. For instance take one of the courses and pass it, before going on to the other. However, some students choose to take study and earn their qualification in as little as one month.

There are typically two ways to take CeMAP courses in Leeds. One of these is to study for your qualification at home and the other is to attend a course locally in the Leeds area. Distance learning suits some individuals as they are able to study at a time to suit them. This type of learning may be great for those who are already working and want to fit studying in around the job. However others prefer to study locally with a small group of people as they find a great deal of support. Classes such as these are general more intensive.

Being a mortgage advisor is rewarding career and there are plenty of opportunities out there thanks to the increasing number of people wanting expert advice on suitable mortgages. Search for the most suitable form of CeMAP courses in Leeds and in just over one month you could be qualified.