CeMAP courses London

CeMAP courses throughout London

When considering CeMAP courses throughout London, there are two ways you may earn your qualification. The first is by attending a local course and the second, training at home, otherwise known as distance training.

What does the course consist of?

Whether you decide to take CeMAP courses near London by attending a course in London or you decide to train in the comfort of your own home, the course is still the same.

Your course will consist of CeMAP 1 along with CeMAP 2 and 3. The full course is intensive over five ten days. While you do have to take all the components to gain your CeMAP qualification there is nothing to say that you have to take them in order. You may choose to sit the CeMAP courses 2 and 3 and then course 1.

There is also nothing to say that you have to study the course in ten days if you choose distance learning. If you are in no rush for the qualification you may be better off spreading the courses over a 3 to 4 week period of time. This means you could study for the CeMAP 1 course first and get your qualification for this part of the course and then take the CeMAP 2 and 3 later. This provides more time and ensures that you are not juggling the courses and trying to do too much at once.

There are numerous opportunities to enter into the financial sector as a mortgage advisor in London. Once you have successfully undertaken CeMAP training courses in London you are able to enter into a very rewarding career.

Benefits to taking courses locally

There are many benefits to taking local CeMAP courses. London residents are able to work alongside others who have chosen to enter into the same field. Working with a small group of delegates with a professional tutor means you have support.