CeMAP Crash Course

If you work in the UK as a mortgage advisor, obtaining the CeMAP qualification will help you to advance your career and provide better advice to your clients. At Beacon Financial Training, we offer you the chance to study for this qualification and pass the assessment in as short a time as possible.

Our crash course

Our CeMAP crash course offers you the chance to study and pass all three levels after spending just 10 days in the classroom. The CeMAP 1 material takes five days to cover, and the CeMAP 2 & 3 course takes a further five days.

Once you have passed your CeMAP 1 exams, you will be in a better position to study for your CeMAP 2 & 3 qualifications. However, we are flexible, so if you prefer to do it the other way round, and study for parts 2 & 3 before you do part 1, you can do so.

Either way, we recommend that you take a break of about three or four weeks between the two courses. Of course, for those students who want to complete their studies more quickly than this, we offer them the option to do so. However, our experience has been that most students struggle to pass all three modules in less than three or four weeks. The majority of people find it too stressful to juggle studying for the next section while trying to pass the exams from the first course.

Our training facilities

All of the training takes places at our state-of-the-art teaching facilities. You study with a small group of students, which ensures that your teacher has enough time to answer all of your questions, and do so in full. Usually, there are no more than 10 delegates in each class.

Studying with others will help to motivate you and drive you on. The fact that other students may have different questions than you helps to ensure that you do not miss any important facts, which improves your chances of passing the exam. In addition, studying with others is always more fun than wading through the training material alone.

Free retakes

The majority of our students pass all of their assessments and exams first time. However, for those who don’t, we offer a retake guarantee. Should you fail to pass, we pay for you to complete the course again, leaving you to play the exam registration fee only.

What is included in the course?

All of the necessary study materials are included in the price of the course. Students just need to pay the exam registration fee to the Institute of Financial Studies (IFS).

What to do next

At Beacon Financial Training, we pride ourselves on tailoring the way we teach to your needs, which is one of the reasons why we have such a high first-time pass rate. If you want to learn more about our excellent CeMAP crash course, why not give us a call, fill in the contact form or head straight to our Book Now page?