CeMAP Training Courses

CeMAP is an industry standard qualification held by UK based mortgage advisors. It stands for Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, and is the benchmark qualification in the UK financial services industry.

If you want to work in the mortgage and property sector, you must take part in:

Together, these making up the complete CeMAP qualification.

The Full CeMAP Course

Please note it does not matter which order you sit the courses or the exams in. It is perfectly acceptable to do the CeMAP 2&3 course first then the CeMAP 1 course. In fact, there are some advantages in doing it that way. Alternatively, it is also fine to do the CeMAP courses and exams the ‘normal’ way – CeMAP 1 first, followed by CeMAP 2&3. There are also advantages to doing it this way. If you need some advice on your personal circumstance, please call or email us at [email protected]

Some delegates do the two CeMAP courses together over a period of two weeks or 10 days. For some delegates this is fine. For most delegates though this can be an arduous challenge as the courses are very intensive. Therefore, we recommend leaving a gap of around 3-4 weeks in between the two courses if time is not an issue. This gives you time to sit and pass the exams for one course before you attend the next course. This way, you are not trying to ‘juggle’ all the exams at the same time.

Important note: The training course fees do not include the registration fees which are payable to the London Institute for Banking and Finance (LIBF) which you will need to pay in order to sit the exams. These are £185 per exam. Their telephone number is 01227 818609 or you can visit them online at www.libf.com

Full Time CeMAP Course Guarantee: We are so confident of our full time CeMAP training course that we offer a course re-take guarantee (subject our terms and conditions). In the event that you should fail to pass your course first time, we will take you back on our course for free!

Course Key Features

  • Average 90% pass success
  • Easy to follow course materials
  • Around 1000 previously used exam questions and answers
  • Expert tutors who are qualified teachers
  • Pay once – come back until you pass
  • Career advice and help once qualified
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Beacon Financial Training Ltd was created in June 2007 in Ormskirk, Lancashire

These include many people from backgrounds not linked to financial services.

We have successfully delivered many in-house courses for banks, building societies, mortgage brokerages and networks all over the UK.

Only launched since April, this is our brand new unique online video course.

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The LIBF Manual for CeMAP Courses

We don’t expect you to have read the LIBF manual before you attend the course although you are welcome to! Other training providers insist on at least 40 hours of study before attending the course. We don’t. We take the view that the reason that you have come to us in the first place is because you don’t want to have to read 40 hours worth of ‘unexplained jargon’. What you need is an expert such as ourselves to make it easy to understand.

Studying for the CeMAP Qualification

We are an expert training provider with success in helping our students obtain their CeMAP qualification. Each CeMAP course takes place at a specialist training centre. There will usually be no more than 14 delegates on that course. Our experience indicates this is an ideal number to aid learning.

Learning in small groups like this helps each student enormously as they are able to ask questions and learn from the combined experience, expertise and knowledge of not only the expert trainer but also from other delegates in the group.

All CeMAP course materials will be provided.

Studying for the CeMAP Qualification

We also offer a home study option for those who are unable to attend courses. Please see the CeMAP Home Study page for further details.

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The Course Content Was Excellent

I used Brendon’s training programme to pass CeMAP exams, the course content was excellent, well scripted and designed for ease of understanding. I booked the course online not knowing anything about the company and a little sceptical that would be worth the money, however I would fully recommend the course to anyone considering a change of career.

Tracey Burke
Director, Mortgage, Equity release and Secured loan advisor

10 Staff All Passed Their Cemap Thanks to Brendan

10 staff all passed their CEMAP thanks to Brendan and they all provided excellent feedback on his style of training.

Barry Fitzsimmons MA(Hons), DipPFS, Cert CII (MP)
Independent Financial Adviser

I Passed All Cemap Exams 1st Time

I passed all CeMAP exams 1st time (majority distinction) with no revision aside from the tutelage under Brendan. 1st class!

Craig Cooper CeMAP, CeRER
Team Leader - Equity Release Support Advisor at Age Partnership

THE Way to Learn CeMAP

Brendan has a wealth of experience around financial services and Regulation and he delivers this with enthusiasm and good humour. His events are THE way to learn CeMAP.

Simon Bailey
Training & Development management professional

I Would Recommend Brendan to Anyone

Brendan is a great trainer, with the ability to keep the content relevant and engaging. I would recommend Brendan to anyone looking to undertake any LIBF Mortgage Advice Qualifications.

Emma Lower
CEO at Lendology CIC

Excellently Structured Training Programme

I studied for all my CeMAP qualifications through Brendan’s tutoring course. I passed all my exams first time with majority distinctions. I have no doubt this was due to his excellently structured training programme, which broke down the jargon and made the whole thing engaging and enjoyable.

Mark Dickson
Principal at Dickson Financial

Recognised CeMAP® Learning Support Provider

Recognition Statement
This learning support is recognised by The London Institute of Banking & Finance as being an appropriate additional resource for students undertaking its CeMap qualifications

Choosing a CeMAP® Training Company

There are plenty of firms offering CeMAP® training in the UK, but the vast majority of their trainers have no teaching qualifications or experience. Isn’t that a bit of a concern, especially when some of them are charging over £1,000 per course?
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