CeMAP Training Videos

To help you understand the benefits of CeMAP Training, CeRER Training and CeFA Training, we’ve made these short videos. You can find these videos on our YouTube channel, and here on our CeMAP Training Videos page.

CeMAP Training in Manchester – A guide to the benefits of CeMAP Training and Home Study

CeMAP Training Video – What is CeMAP Training?

CeMAP Exam Video – Tell me more about the CeMAP Exam

CeMAP Qualification Video – What exactly is the CeMAP Qualification?

What Experience do you need to take CeMAP Training? – Can anyone take CeMAP Training with no prior experience?

How often is the CeMAP Syllabus update? – Is the CeMAP Syllabus updated often and what do training providers do about it?

CeMAP Training in Scotland – What opportunities are there for CeMAP Training in Scotland?

Why you should take CeMAP Training during the recession – As the UK is currently in recession (March 2009) why should we take CeMAP Training now?

CeMAP Home Study Courses – Tell me more about learning CeMAP at home

Do you need mortgage industry knowledge to take CeMAP Training? – Van anyone take CeMAP Training, even if they have no mortgage industry experience?

Job opportunities with CeMAP Training

CeRER Training – What is CeRER Training?

CeFA Qualification – What is the CeFA Qualification?