CeRER Training Courses

CeRER Training Courses

Beacon Financial Training is now also able to offer CeRER training courses on equity release leading to delegates taking the CeRER exam (Certificate in Regulated Equity Release).

This area of finance is now fully regulated by the FCA which means that all advisers must pass this exam before they are able to advise and sell these products.

Equity Release is the process of releasing some of the value or equity from your home in order to provide capital and/or income. These schemes are available to elderly people.

Potential for CeRER Equity Release Advisers

CeRER Equity Release is now a massive growth area. There are two important reasons why CeRER training and the CeRER qualification could be important and beneficial to you.

Firstly, the UK as a population has not made adequate pension provision to provide for our needs in retirement. Therefore, a way of solving that problem is to release some or all of the value from the family home in order to provide capital and/or income without having to leave the family home. Many elderly people will be able to solve their income and capital problems by releasing equity from their homes in this way.

Secondly, with the main market being a little difficult at the moment, this could be a useful additional income stream for the mortgage adviser.

CeRER as an addition to your CeMAP Qualification

There are still relatively few mortgage advisers operating in this area. If you could get in first in your area, it could be an extremely lucrative area for you.  Many of our delegates from our CeMAP training courses go on to study for their CeRER training with us as well.

The CeRER is nowhere near as comprehensive in volume as CeMAP which is why the majority of people choose to do this on a distance learning basis using our easy to follow materials and sample questions. This includes FREE support from our training director for an unlimited period. To book this option, please contact us:

Please note that in order to take the CeRER exam, you also need to have already passed CeMAP.

If you are interested in this course and would like more details, please email us in the first instance at info@beaconfinancialtraining.co.uk

Similar to the CeMAP exam registration process, the registration fees for the CeRER exam are payable to the LIBF at an additional cost paid direct to them. Their contact number is 01227 818609.

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This learning support is recognised by The London Institute of Banking & Finance as being an appropriate additional resource for students undertaking its CeMap qualifications

Choosing a CeMAP® Training Company

There are plenty of firms offering CeMAP® training in the UK, but the vast majority of their trainers have no teaching qualifications or experience. Isn’t that a bit of a concern, especially when some of them are charging over £1,000 per course?

Course Key Features


Average 90% pass success


Easy to follow course materials


Around 1000 previously used exam questions and answers


Expert tutors who are qualified teachers


Pay once - come back until you pass


Career advice and help once qualified