Pass Rates for CeMAP Distance Learning Courses

CeMAP distance learning courses are a great alternative to a full time training course. With distance learning growing in popularity, there are a number of providers. There are several ways to spot a quality distance learning course, but often potential delegates will start by asking a provider what the pass rate or success rate of a course is. When asking this question, there are a few things to bear in mind when you consider their answer.

Success Rates: CeMAP Distance Learning vs Full Time Courses

First of all, consider how high the full time course pass rate is. A reputable training company should have a high pass rate for this sort of course. Looking at the statistics, there are a number of reasons why this would be. Delegates are showing a high level of commitment on a full time course. They may be on the course because their employer needs them to pass it or they have taken time off from work and are paying for the course from their own pocket. Therefore, their investment in the course is higher. A course provider will usually follow up with every delegate and confirm how they have done in their exam.

CeMAP distance learning courses are a whole different kettle of fish. The cost investment is lower and they are naturally easier to fail. This usually has little to do with the course. The first pre-requisites of a distance learning course are commitment and self-discipline. Distance learning means the course will be done over a period of time and must be fitted around other things in a person’s life. Therefore, not everyone finishes the course. A course provider will find it more difficult and costly to follow up every person too, because one person may take six months to do the course and others may take two years.

Assuming a person does put in the effort and time required, there is no reason for CeMAP distance learning courses to be any less successful than a full time course. Make sure the course is a quality one and reap the benefits of CeMAP distance learning courses.

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    The Course Content Was Excellent

    I used Brendon’s training programme to pass CeMAP exams, the course content was excellent, well scripted and designed for ease of understanding. I booked the course online not knowing anything about the company and a little sceptical that would be worth the money, however I would fully recommend the course to anyone considering a change of career.

    Tracey Burke
    Director, Mortgage, Equity release and Secured loan advisor

    10 Staff All Passed Their Cemap Thanks to Brendan

    10 staff all passed their CEMAP thanks to Brendan and they all provided excellent feedback on his style of training.

    Barry Fitzsimmons MA(Hons), DipPFS, Cert CII (MP)
    Independent Financial Adviser

    I Passed All Cemap Exams 1st Time

    I passed all CeMAP exams 1st time (majority distinction) with no revision aside from the tutelage under Brendan. 1st class!

    Craig Cooper CeMAP, CeRER
    Team Leader - Equity Release Support Advisor at Age Partnership

    THE Way to Learn CeMAP

    Brendan has a wealth of experience around financial services and Regulation and he delivers this with enthusiasm and good humour. His events are THE way to learn CeMAP.

    Simon Bailey
    Training & Development management professional

    I Would Recommend Brendan to Anyone

    Brendan is a great trainer, with the ability to keep the content relevant and engaging. I would recommend Brendan to anyone looking to undertake any LIBF Mortgage Advice Qualifications.

    Emma Lower
    CEO at Lendology CIC

    Excellently Structured Training Programme

    I studied for all my CeMAP qualifications through Brendan’s tutoring course. I passed all my exams first time with majority distinctions. I have no doubt this was due to his excellently structured training programme, which broke down the jargon and made the whole thing engaging and enjoyable.

    Mark Dickson
    Principal at Dickson Financial

    Recognised CeMAP® Learning Support Provider

    Recognition Statement
    This learning support is recognised by The London Institute of Banking & Finance as being an appropriate additional resource for students undertaking its CeMap qualifications

    Choosing a CeMAP® Training Company

    There are plenty of firms offering CeMAP® training in the UK, but the vast majority of their trainers have no teaching qualifications or experience. Isn’t that a bit of a concern, especially when some of them are charging over £1,000 per course?