CeMAP 1 Online Course

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UK Financial Regulation or CeMAP 1

Consists of two units:

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to the financial services environment and products
  • Unit 2 – UK Financial Services and Regulation

CeMAP courses for home study

You’ll find many companies offering home study, online and distance learning type courses for CeMAP training, but we believe our proposal uses a different method, thus delivering better results.

CeMAP home study style courses can often be a diluted version of content found in the CeMAP syllabus. While this can be acceptable to a point, problems can occur when students find the material still too hard to comprehend. This can sometimes result in them losing interest when they become disengaged from their studies. It can be very difficult to maintain the self-discipline required to study in the face of content that can be weighty and, while essential to know, not always easy to digest.

Here at Beacon Financial Training, we offer online and home study courses that offer students the closest approximation to one of our real time classroom courses at dedicated centres in video format. For close to 15 years, we’ve been running CeMAP classroom courses with an impressive success record that averages between 85-90%.

Our cleverly crafted video courses online feature our lead CeMAP trainer explaining and instructing on the main points you’ll be required to understand to pass each chapter. Everything you’ll see in the video clips represents our classroom training file, with insight from the trainer to highlight the main sections of text that illustrate areas on which you’re likely to be tested.

More than this, our CeMAP trainer will also give you common examples that provide you with a context to understand many of the most difficult-to-grasp areas and explain such issues in language that’s easy to get to grips with.

After every topic successfully completed, students can attempt a cleverly designed CeMAP mini test we’ve assembled from sample questions that show the kinds of questions you might encounter in your final exam taken at a theory test centre. We’ll then go over the answers in our video, providing explanations when appropriate. The same approach will be followed with mock examination questions as well.

What is a CeMAP qualification?

CeMAP is a recognised qualification used by mortgage advisors. The qualification is divided into a set of seven units focusing on different areas of being a mortgage broker taught across different modules. Students will gain both expert knowledge and essential skills on the course, but also learn how to perform their role effectively in their new profession. From comprehending how UK legislation affects to advisors, to techniques for managing their clients while they attempt to secure a mortgage, all parts of the process are covered.

CeMAP 1 – taking the initial step to becoming a mortgage broker

Comprising two unique units, the CeMAP 1 course has been carefully developed to provide students with a solid foundation in giving professional mortgage advice. Unit 1 is called an ‘Introduction to Financial Services and Environment and Products’. This first unit is designed to give new advisors a general overview of their new sector and provide them with a strong knowledge base to build upon. Unit 1 concludes with an hour-long exam in which candidates must answer a total of 50 multiple choice questions.

Unit 2 of the course will see participants learn about the UK Financial Services Regulations, allowing them to gain comprehensive knowledge of the strict laws created to guide advisors when assisting their clients with mortgages. As with Unit 1, to complete Unit 2 of this CeMAP course, all trainees must then take an objective exam that consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

Why pick Beacon Financial Training for a CeMAP home study course?

There are multiple advantages of selecting Beacon Financial Training for either an online or home study CeMAP course. Aside from the points mentioned earlier, advantages include:

  • Cost – Home study courses are significantly less costly than the classroom courses, resulting in potential savings of over £300
  • Flexibility – As the course is online, as long as students are connected to the internet they can always study when or where they choose
  • Reinforcement – Students can play and pause, rewind and repeat as many times as they like – options not open to “live” courses
  • Support – support is provided by our lead trainer and included in all packages
  • Time – Home study courses allow those working to learn outside of their regular role. Companies training their employees can also benefit as home studies allow them to learn without disturbing their duties

Lastly, students who struggle to learn from home can upgrade to a CeMAP classroom course at any time by paying the difference in cost between a home study course and the classroom version.

All prices are inclusive of 20% VAT.


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