Achieving exam success in a stress-free fashion

The key to success when studying for an exam such as the CeMAP qualification is to keep things as free of stress as possible, and getting a good night’s sleep can go a long way to achieving this.

Sleep experts say that giving your mind and body the chance to recuperate and rest will support concentration, and also help to reduce anxiety levels.

Here are some top tips that can only help you to perform:

Eat well

Make sure that you consume a well-balanced diet, comprising of three balanced meals and a few healthy snacks. Keeping your blood sugar levels at a steady level enables your brain to absorb the information it is being fed more easily. If you’re fond of coffee, tea or fizzy drinks, it’s advisable to cut caffeine from your daily consumption from just after midday.

Sleep well

Sleep is a vital commodity, particularly during times of studying. It is when we are pushing ourselves both mentally and physically, so take the time to wind down before you head to bed, perhaps with a good book. Sleep is when your body and mind restore in order to be ready for the following day.

Have a break

When you draw up your study timetable, it is important to plan in regular breaks. This gives you the chance to get up and move around, grab a quick snack and a drink, and stretch your legs. A break from your studies gives your brain a chance to process what you have read, meaning you come back feeling more focused on the task in hand.

Take deep breaths

If at any time during your studies you feel anxious or like you are becoming overwhelmed, simply carry out a few deep breathes. When you breathe out, pretend you are blowing out a candle to make the exhalation slower and longer.

Use your brain

During your scheduled break times, do something different. Engage a different part of your brain to the one that you have been using. Perhaps keep the activity physical with the likes of jogging or yoga.

Be body aware

Be conscious of how your body is responding to the levels of study it is undertaking. If you think something is out of the ordinary, seek further advice from a medical professional as opposed to ignoring it.

Give yourself a high five

Finally, don’t forget to congratulate yourself and celebrate your successes and milestones within the modules as you achieve them.



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