Benefits of studying for CeMAP

The CeMAP is the officially recognised qualification for mortgage advisors in the UK, and completing it is essential if you wish to provide paid advice to people legally. The mortgage industry has its own regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and CeMAP is the course of study that it recognises as the one that entitles people to offer mortgage advice.

There are a number of advantages to choosing CeMAP as the course to study, whether you are planning to enter the workforce for the first time or want to retrain for a new career. In this article, we will be looking at what the main benefits of it are.

CeMAP training will ensure that you are properly qualified

It is technically possible to work as a mortgage advisor without completing the CeMAP course, but you would be breaching industry regulations. That would leave you in serious trouble if the FCA discovered that you were not properly qualified.

The main CeMAP modules are:

Module 1 – Financial regulation in the UK

This module deals with pensions, savings, investments and tax issues. It also looks at the industry regulations concerning money laundering, data protection and other matters.

Module 2 – Mortgages

This module contains detailed study of the mortgage market. It covers post-completion issues, methods of repayment, filling out mortgage applications and all legal matters regarding mortgages.

Module 3 – Case studies

This requires the student to apply the knowledge gained in the first two modules to case studies that will mirror clients they encounter after qualifying.

As you can see, the course provides comprehensive training and is essential if you want to be able to offer informed advice to clients.

Doing a CeMAP training course will open up career opportunities

Once you have completed the training and passed your exams, you will find a range of career opportunities opening up for you. Some people choose to go and work with major companies as part of their networks after qualifying and picking that option will provide security and the chance of career advancement based on your performance.

On the other hand, there are also people who prefer to go it alone as self-employed mortgage advisors. There are real advantages to this path, as it provides greater freedom to choose the clients and the areas of advice that most interest you.

Completing the course gives you the option of working for a bank rather than a specialist mortgage advice firm too, if that is what you would prefer.

The CeMAP mortgage advisor course can be studied around your job

If you are retraining, you might find the thought of giving up your existing work income while you study a daunting one, but you do not need to do that. It is entirely possible to fit studying CeMAP around your current job. That will mean you do not have to struggle financially while you are preparing for your new career.

This flexibility will be available if you choose to complete the course using an online CeMAP training company. They allow you to study the different modules at any time of day or night, rather than requiring you to attend classes at particular hours.

Online study will make for the best option if you have responsibilities that mean you need to keep earning money while you undergo your mortgage advisor training.

The CeMAP qualification will enable you to gain job satisfaction

Everyone wants to feel that they are doing something useful in their working lives, but not everyone is lucky enough to get that sort of job satisfaction. However, by choosing to study CeMAP and become a professional mortgage advisor, you can be sure that you will be doing a job that is helping other people. Your role will be to facilitate mortgages for people who want to buy a home. Sometimes they would find it impossible to realise that dream without your support.

Whether they have problems with their credit rating, or their work circumstances put them outside of the criteria of the high street lenders, there are increasing numbers of people who struggle to get onto the housing ladder. It is mortgage advisors, with their knowledge of areas like the specialist lending market, who often make the difference for those people.

CeMAP courses teach transferable skills

Many of the skills that you will develop when you train to become an advisor – and during your actual working life as one – will be transferable to other parts of life. To start with, you will develop excellent research skills to be able to find loans that suit clients with a range of different personal circumstances.

You will also learn the teamwork skills necessary to operate efficiently in collaboration with others to see mortgage applications through.

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