Adding council mortgages to CeMAP syllabus

Those who wish to become mortgage advisors need to take their CeMAP training first, and within the CeMAP syllabus delegates learn about all the different sources of mortgages available to those in the UK and the process of purchasing a property.

The purchasing process is slightly different for those taking the CeMAP training in Scotland, because the process in Scotland is slightly different.

However, the CeMAP syllabus may have to change this year as the number of councils being authorised to offer mortgages to borrowers is increasing.

Just this week, the government made the decision to cut the minimum interest rate that is charged to local authorities so that they can enter the mortgage market and compete with the major mortgage lenders, such as RBS, Natwest, Northern Rock and other banks.

If councils do start to offer mortgages, then the new CeMAP syllabus and training offered will need to adapt to educate delegates about these options.  The mortgages offered by local councils are expected to help revive the property market.



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