Advancing your career as a mortgage broker

If you are a goal oriented professional, practising as a mortgage advisor can be an exciting and rewarding career. From successfully completing each deal for your clients to working for larger and more prominent firms, there are many personal challenges you can rise to. You can also reap the benefits of these successes with increased annual salaries, larger commissions and a wide range of personal perks received in recognition of your work.

You may also have other aims you wish to reach in order to become even more skilled in your chosen profession, reaching a new level of excellence and a reputation envied by your peers. To achieve this status, the most successful mortgage advisors never stop learning, from researching the latest products released to improving their knowledge with further education. Even after a mortgage advisor has completed their crucial CeMAP studies, there are still new qualifications to be gained that can lead to an even more prosperous professional career.

Taking the next step after CeMAP training

Advisors looking to advance their career as a qualified mortgage broker can take their skills to the next stage with a Certificate in Regulated Equity Release, otherwise known as a CeRER qualification. Typically offered as home study courses that can be undertaken in the student’s free time, CeRER training is ideal for those already practising as a broker, as it can be conveniently managed alongside existing commitments and workload.

Understanding CeRER qualifications

A CeRER is a dedicated qualification that is recognised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and enables practising mortgage brokers who have acquired it to provide professional advice to homeowners in the swiftly growing market for equity release. A Level 3 type qualification, CeRER is registered with Ofqual and comes highly respected. A mortgage broker with a CV enhanced by a CeRER qualification can show both future clients and employers evidence of their extensive skillset.

Broadening your skills with equity release offerings

A CeRER qualification will allow brokers to advise their clients seeking to release some capital from home properties, with an agreement in place that a repayment will be made later on, while they are still residing in their property. The current demand for equity release is rising rapidly, making a CeRER qualification an exceptional advantage to career driven mortgage advisors seeking to expand their skills.

Divided into two parts, unit one of the CeRER course educates brokers in the “Fundamentals of Equity Release”. The unit teaches equity release principles and explores the various schemes available and their best applications. In addition, advisors will learn the pros and cons of equity release and understand full the risks involved for their clients. “Equity Release Solutions” is the second unit, which teaches brokers how to select equity release options for different clients, dependent on their personal circumstances. Both units are concluded with separate examinations that have a pass mark of 70 percent.

After successfully completing their course, brokers can add “CeRER” to their title, advertising their new skills.


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