Advisor CRM tool launched by Twenty7tec

Twenty7tec has introduced an upgraded online solution to assist mortgage advisors with their customer relationship management (CRM), which is being called FINPLAN Home.

FINPLAN is a company dedicated to CRM tech solutions that was bought by Twenty7tec last year, as part of the Bluecoat Software purchase. This upgraded version of its solution is the first to be released since it was taken over by Twenty7tec; a sizeable sum of money has been put into enhancing its functionality. That means a number of brand new features that are designed to help advisors.

Among the improvements that have been made with FINPLAN Home are the addition of third-party integrations for the likes of general insurance and protection quotations and identity verification procedures. It has also been integrated with the SOURCE solution created by Twenty7tec for finding mortgage products.

Furthermore, Twenty7tec has confirmed that it will be integrated with the APPLY solution too. That means mortgage advisors will be able to send completed applications to multiple big lenders via the main FINPLAN Home page. Among those lenders are Leeds, TSB, Accord Mortgages, Santander, Nationwide and Halifax.

Finally, the solution will also offer COMMUNICATE integration. That is the Twenty7tec platform for digital marketing, allowing advisors to manage client communications and convert leads into business through FINPLAN Home.

James Tucker from Twenty7tec said that advisors would now have everything they require for their businesses in one place.

Most advisors with the CeMAP qualification will know that this kind of efficient one-stop-shop tech solution is the way forward.


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