App for homebuyers launched by Smartr365

A brand new mobile app that is targeting people looking to buy a home and will enable them to connect with a mortgage advisor has been launched by Smartr365.

The app is called HomeBuyer, and Smartr365 is stating that it will let people who are in the market for a home input necessary details and then share these with an advisor to get the process of securing a mortgage underway. A QR code is needed to use the app, which can be taken from an email, a website for property searches or from an estate agent, among other options.

Smatr365 has also stated that advisors can create these chips or codes without having to pay to do so. Once inside the app, buyers will be able to send all of the relevant data to an advisor seamlessly.

According to Mortgage Strategy, Smartr365 announced the launch of this new solution by saying:

“HomeBuyer is guaranteed to make lead acquisition easier and faster for brokers, putting them in clients’ pockets so they can take all of the benefits of Smartr365 on the move.”

Smartr365 insists that there is no other similar solution currently available and that it will prove to be helpful to both advisors and borrowers. It has ensured that HomeBuyer will run on either Android or Apple devices.

This is another example of the potential that virtual solutions have to make the lives of advisors easier, which is why many are now doing their CeMAP mortgage advisor training online.


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