Are mock exams included in the courses?

Within our short articles, we try to address the most common and frequently asked questions by those interested in our CeMAP, CeRER or CeFA courses in a little more detail than perhaps we can on our FAQs page, and one that is often asked is whether or not mock exams are included in the price of our training courses.

As a responsible training course company, we feel it would not be right to not include mock exams within the courses.  People are understandably asking because, having spoken to several of them, they have seen or heard of irresponsible training companies running and advertising courses and later delegates find they have to pay extra for the mock exams or question packs.

In every single one of our training courses, whether it is for the CeFA, CeRER or CeMAP exams, we include mock questions and these are from actual past exam papers from the ifs School of Finance, where the exams are set – and we include the answers too!  And we update them as the syllabuses change, which not every company does.

The only thing not included in the courses are the exam fees, and that’s because often, people have already paid for them before they take one look at the material supplied by the ifs and decide they need help from a professional training company like ours.



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