Are there different ways to take CeMAP learning courses?

The Certificate of Mortgage and Practice, also referred to as CeMAP, was devised to provide those looking to professionally provide mortgage advice with the knowledge and skills they need. It was also created to provide adequate certification for UK regulators, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which requires practicing brokers to possess a recognised qualification as proof of their abilities.

CeMAP training requires dedication and commitment, but also free time. When you’re looking to change career and already have an existing role that you’re required to perform, time is not always easily available. Fortunately, these mortgage advisor courses come in different formats designed to suit the needs of students.

Read on for two different ways to obtain a CeMAP qualification and when they might be suitable.

Classroom courses for CeMAP

CeMAP study classes can be found across the country in major cities. Professional tutors with experience and teaching certifications lead candidates through the various stages in the CeMAP syllabus, ensuring they attain a firm foundation in mortgage advice and the skills they need to practice.

If you excelled in school because you found having a teacher on hand and being surrounded by your peers helpful, classroom courses can be an excellent option to consider. They are also suitable if you can schedule in the time you need to attend classes and can travel to training centres easily.

Home study CeMAP training courses

Online CeMAP courses are also available. Unlike classroom courses, this option involves working through your training via the internet. However, you’ll still benefit from the same comprehensive course resources and access to expert instructors knowledgeable on all aspects of CeMAP.

These courses can especially benefit individuals with a busy life. Whether you’re already employed with daily duties or have personal commitments such as caring for a younger or older family member, you can fit in your studies around your existing schedule. If you live in a remote or rural area and have no personal form of transport to reach nearby training hubs, an online course also makes life easier.

Consider the way you like to learn. If you find that you often need to repetition for facts and figures to stay fixed in your mind, online learning can be advantageous. When studying online, you can rewind and then replay online training content as many times as you require to retain the knowledge you need to be a broker.

Experts in providing CeMAP study solutions

At Beacon Financial Training, we have used our extensive experience to develop mortgage advisor training courses that meet the needs of everyone interested in this exciting and rewarding career. From courses held at our dedicated training centres taught by qualified instructors to our virtual classroom solutions that allow would-be brokers to acquire their new skills from home and get certified, the services we offer are second to none.

If you’re ready now to embark on the path to becoming a professional mortgage advisor, get in touch with our dedicated team today to explore the CeMAP options we can deliver.


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