Are you suited to become mortgage broker?

To start practising as a licensed mortgage broker, you’ll need to complete a Certificate of Mortgage and Practice (CeMAP) training course, achieving a qualification accepted by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Although technically almost anyone can embark on this dedicated course, the role of a mortgage broker can be suited to specific types of personality.

Read on as we explore the types of people who are likely to enjoy working as a mortgage advisor and to thrive in their new role.

Are you a people person?

Mortgage advisors must be excellent communicators, and this doesn’t mean they can convey important information to their clients, although this is important. Brokers must also be good listeners, so that they can understand a customer’s specific needs from a mortgage product and alleviate their fears when they have concerns during the application process.

As an advisor, you’ll also need to interact with many different industry professionals offering services in banking, property, surveying and insurance, as well as other colleagues in your own chosen profession. The strength of these relationships can be the building blocks of your career, so if you enjoy working with new people on a regular basis, being a broker may be ideal.

Remaining resilient and managing rejections

After you pass your CeMAP exams and start your career as a broker, your path may sometimes be challenging. Employers and clients alike may reject your services, selecting other advisors to work with instead.

It’s important to always persevere, and the same applies to your studies when you train to become a broker. You can keep taking your test until you’re 100 per cent pleased with the score you receive at no extra charge, giving you the best chance to succeed.

If you see difficult situations as challenges and opportunities to learn, rather than immovable obstacles, you’ll be well prepared for a rewarding career practising mortgage advice.

An eye for detail and the ability to absorb information

Finally, as a practising broker, it will be your duty to stay informed on the latest laws for practising mortgage advice and all products available that might benefit your clients. While CeMAP courses can give you a grounding in current legislation, changes will be made periodically, so you must continue to keep learning throughout your career.

From investigating different types of mortgages to completing application forms for your clients, you’ll need the ability to focus on detailed documents and comprehend complex content, so you can explain it in simple terms.

The right CeMAP training company

If you feel that these qualities describe you as a person and you’re ready to start your studies, you can rely on Beacon Financial Training. We have developed comprehensive CeMAP classes and flexible online courses to suit the different needs of would-be brokers and the UK’s ever-changing environment, ensuring both your learning opportunities and career path are never disrupted.

Get in touch today for advice, or explore our dedicated courses here on our website.



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