Barclays to help mortgage advisors give great customer service

Barclays has unveiled its improved IntroTrack service and any mortgage advisors submitting a mortgage application through the bank’s mortgage lending arm Woolwich will be automatically signed up.

Mortgage advisors use a variety of systems in their role. No matter how organised a mortgage advisor might be, anyone who has ever bought a home will tell how stressful and drawn out the process can feel and much of this can be avoided through regular progress updates from the lender and an understanding of the steps in the mortgage application process. This new service aims to improve communications and will email the mortgage broker at each of the following key steps:

1. Confirmation application received
2. Completed credit score
3. Copy of valuation report received
4. Mortgage offer sent to customer
5. Completed mortgage case
6. Mortgage case not proceeding

The mortgage advisor / broker will receive an audit trail at each critical point of the application process and can access the new online service, which is updated in real-time. The service offers a summary of all mortgage cases through the advisor, meaning there will be less paperwork too.

Barclays Intermediary Business Director David Finlay stated:

“We know brokers are so busy juggling existing mortgage applications on different systems in the industry.

“This will make a huge difference to brokers in terms of their time, as we know from their feedback that they wanted better updates about their clients’ application process.”

There is a guide available to help mortgage advisors to use the IntroTrack system and they will automatically be registered when they next apply for a Woolwich mortgage.



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