Be a smart student

Having taken the decision to follow the career path of a mortgage professional, you will need to be prepared to rise to the challenge of the gaining the CeMAP qualification. It is a requirement of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) that anyone who provides mortgage advice must complete the associated study materials, and achieve a pass in the end exams, before they are able to meet with potential customers and provide an advisory service.

It is a big decision, and it is important that you commit and apply yourself to the study materials to ensure you get the most from it, gaining your qualification at the end. Many people invest a lot of time in studying, spending hours poring over books and past test papers, and whilst you need to apply sufficient time to study, it is more productive to study smarter as opposed to harder, to get the most from your memory. Here are some tips to follow:

Taking notes

Take full and detailed notes, particularly if you are a visual learner. Highlight sections within the study material to draw your focus to areas of importance, and make accompanying notes that are legible and easy to understand when you revisit them. Making additional notes helps you to remember what you have read.

Reinforce what you learn

It is useful to revise notes made shortly afterwards. This can reinforce understanding, and it makes sure that the full text has been absorbed. Sometimes, if it is a longer section, the ‘bit in the middle’ can be lost and overlooked.


Reciting the study material out loud helps some people to retain the information, as it is a more active session as opposed to one spent quietly reading through the study pack. If you are an auditory learner, reciting the information aloud can support your mind in retaining the information.

Allow for rest

Whilst it is important to remain committed to your study plan and to be successful in your studies, you must apply an appropriate level of commitment and determination in order to succeed. You also need to give your body and mind the time to rest, reflect upon the information it has been given, and prepare for the next study session. It is not beneficial to sit studying for several hours in one go, which could mentally drain you. You will be far more productive by making sure that you go to bed at a sensible time and secure a good night’s sleep.



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