Be the most effective student in five simple steps

Once you have decided to become a mortgage professional and undertake the required CeMAP training, it is important to implement an effective and efficient study plan.

Family life and other existing commitments all need to be factored into the plan to ensure essential tasks still take place, but doing so will also provide you with enough quality time to work through the study material, and feel competent in sitting the exam when the time arrives.

Here are five simple steps you can implement to help to support your study plan, and make it work for you:

1. Where to study

This will undoubtedly vary from person to person. Consider your ideal study environment. Do you find background noise distracting? If so, somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed will be most suitable, such as the library or at home if no one else is around to distract you. If you find a little hustle and bustle comforting, it may be that a local coffee shop will be appropriate.

2. Study with others

If there is a group of you working towards the same goal, it can help to work through study material as a collective. By having others to talk through challenging topics, and support and encourage each other, you can retain a focus and make study time more enjoyable.

3. Take breaks

To keep yourself interested and focused on your study material, allow yourself regular breaks. You must give your mind and body the time to refresh and rejuvenate itself whilst studying. Having a short break from your study material allows you to enjoy a drink, snack and take the opportunity to stretch your body to boost your circulation and awaken your senses, ready to refocus once studying resumes.

4. Consider various methods

Think about what study techniques you find most effective. Taking notes on study cards means that you can take them with you. It is not recommended that you study for endless hours with no break, and your daily life should continue between study sessions. If you have made some notes on your current topic of learning, you can carry them with you during the day, to read through when you get a moment to do so, such as on the bus or on your lunch break at work.

5. Pat yourself on the back

Finally, it is really important to recognise and acknowledge how well you are doing. It reinforces how you are progressing through the study material, and helps you to retain a positive focus on the remaining study areas.



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