What jobs can you get with a CeMAP qualification?

The Certificate of Mortgage and Practice (CeMAP) was designed to give mortgage brokers access to the skills required to offer professional advice to property buyers in the UK. It was also created with a mind to creating a qualification that is recognised by financial regulators, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) here in Britain.

However, CeMAP is also seen as the industry gold standard by employers. As a result, whether an advisor is working for a company or serving clients privately, all who hire them acknowledge the letters CeMAP following their title as an indication of a thorough grasp of their role and the skills that accompany it.

In this blog, we’ll examine some of the jobs those who complete their CeMAP course can find themselves accepted for.

Practicing as a mortgage advisor

The most common application for fruitful CeMAP studies is to work as a mortgage advisor, sometimes referred to as a mortgage broker. However, there are different ways to work within this role. Advisors can work freelance for themselves or work on a temporary basis for established firms. They can also work in-house as a staff advisor for banks, building societies and specialists in mortgages.

Finally, advisors can select to become tied brokers who offer a limited amount of mortgage products to their clients, or a whole-of-market advisor who researches all suitable products available to find the best deals possible.

What other roles are accessible with a CeMAP qualification?

Although CeMAP qualifications are closely associated with mortgage advisor positions, obtaining a CeMAP certification can lead to a wider range of roles and career options.

As a private banking assistant, CeMAP qualified candidates can assist customers with a diverse selection of financial transactions, which include applications for mortgages and loans.

Relationship support assistant is another option. This role involves supporting high-value clients while working for a bank to assist relations.

Protection advisors are also often CeMAP qualified professionals who help customers by advising on insurance options that may benefit them, like life insurance, home insurance, critical illness cover, among other insurance policies.

First class CeMAP mortgage advisor training

At Beacon Financial Training we provide second-to-none courses designed to provide mortgage advisors and other professionals working in the UK financial sector with the certification and skill they require to practice. Get in touch with our team today to explore the CeMAP classes and courses we can offer.


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