Benefits of an online estate agent

The way that people sell their homes has been changing over the last 15 years, with an increasing number of online sites where you can view properties for sale.

Just recently, we have seen a number of estate agencies setting up online, offering all the services you would normally receive from a traditional estate agent, for a fixed fee. This can save huge amounts of money, with those with more expensive properties saving large amounts. According to one source, estate agents online are now responsible for over 5% of all UK property sales.

Kate Faulkner, property consultant, told the Telegraph:

“Unlike the previous internet boom, we’ve got people coming to the market who are proper estate agents as opposed to just sites that you sell on directly. These sites are offering a service rather than you having to do everything yourself.”

A traditional estate agent will charge a percentage of the property value, which can add up to thousands of pounds. Selling your home for a fixed fee helps you to budget, while saving money. Vendors have the choice of whether to show prospective buyers around their home, or to use the services of the estate agent, for a small fee. Choosing a reputable online estate agent means you receive the convenience, transparency and ease of online transactions, while still benefiting from the services you may require from an estate agent.

When buying and selling a property, it is always advisable to consult with a mortgage adviser, as their CeMAP qualification ensures they have the necessary knowledge to help you locate the most suitable lender for your requirements.



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