Beware CeRER Equity Release Revision Workshops

As CeRER (the Certificate in Regulated Equity Release) becomes better known, and mortgage advisors realise the value it can add to their service, there will no doubt be plenty of companies cropping up offering CeRER training courses.

Potential delegates looking to attain their CeRER qualification should be wary of those offering ‘revision courses’.  The reason behind this is that such revision courses usually require that you register with the ifs School of Finance for the exam firstly, so that you acquire the CeRER syllabus and training booklet that you get with the exam registration and then they ask that you read through this training book before attending the revision course.

This is all well and good, but as many people have already discovered with the CeFA and CeMAP training manuals, they are not particularly user-friendly, even for those who have already qualified as mortgage advisors.  After all, if they were easy to read through, digest and pass the exam straight afterwards then the mortgage training industry would not exist.

Beware also of CeRER training courses that last for five days or even more, as even a complete CeRER training course (as opposed to a revision course) should not need to last that long.  Experience shows that CeRER training only needs to take two complete days and that should be sufficient even for those who have not even registered for the exam yet.



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