Can I study CeMAP at my age?

When it comes to studying for the CeMAP qualification, the CeFA or the CeRER exam, it seems that no matter what age you are, people worry whether or not they will be ableto cope with learning new material.

Perhaps you haven’t studied for some time and are worried that your brain isn’t up to retaining new information in order to pass an exam, or perhaps you are fresh out of college or university and even worrying you are too young, but as a reputable and experienced training provider we can assure you we have seen people of all ages studying for these financial courses and we still have a first time pass rate of over 90 per cent.

The younger delegate might have the advantage of being able to retain information more easily, but the older delegate has the advantage of more life experience – and when it comes to the CeFA courses, CeMAP or CeRER exams, life experience can really help.

For example, with the CeMAP courses, if you’ve never had a mortgage, then you are more likely to need to pay more attention to the mortgage process because you haven’t been through it yourself whereas an older delegate has either been there, done it and got the t-shirt or they have someone close to them that has. They will certainly have had many a conversation about it.

The short answer is that young or old, with or without relevant work experience, every delegate has their own areas of the courses that they will find easier or harder – but with our teaching experience, we can not only get you through the exam but ensure that you understand the material too.



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