CeMAP Training – Is It Enough For Those Without A Mortgage Background?

This is a very common question and one which no doubt all CeMAP training providers come across time and time again.

In fact, it may surprise you to know that often CeMAP training is easier for those who do not have a mortgage background because such candidates do not have any preconceptions about how things are done.

One of the first things that should be addressed in your training course is preconceptions.  The CeMAP exam is all about how things should be done and generally are done.  For example, the syllabus says that a mortgage applicant can borrow up to the standard income multipliers, but we all know that in recent years mortgage lenders have been lending 4 or even 5 times a person’s income on occasions.

The good thing about attending a training course in person or having a CeMAP training manual written by an expert in the exams is that the trainer knows all the mistakes people usually make and in what areas and they can bring them to your attention and even give you ways to remember the ‘right answer’.  That’s the real advantage of a CeMAP training course.

CeMAP training courses are available in most major cities, so there is bound to be done near you, whether that is Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester or London.  There are fewer CeMAP training courses in Scotland, but it is better if you can find a reputable training provider who can provide you with training tailored for the Scottish syllabus as it is slightly different in Scotland.



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